About the Director

Natasha Warner, DirectorMy name is Natasha Warner I was born in Saint Mary, Jamaica West Indies. My family migrated to the US in 1981. I am a professional childcare provider who has been providing quality care since 2003. My business was started because of my passion to provide families with a safe and loving environment for children to develop and grow.

I have been married to my husband Barrington since 1999. Barry is also the substitute for Child's Play Family Child Care and a great father. We have three children Akin born 1995, Kenya born 1998, and Destiny born 2002. Kids grow up soo fast!! That's why I love this field soo much.


  • Licensed with the State of Connecticut
  • CDA- Child Development Associate
  • National Association for Family Childcare
  • (NAFCC)- Nationally accredited provider
  • Certified Nature Explore Classroom
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid
  • Participant in Federal Child Nutrition Program
  • Mother of Three

Clock Hours

  • Working with Young Children
  • Types of Early Childhood Programs
  • Preparing the Environment
  • Selecting Toys, Equipment, and Educational Materials
  • Promoting Children's Safety
  • Planning Nutritious Meals or Snacks
  • Guiding Children's Health
  • Guiding Food and Nutrition Experiences
  • Guiding Field Trip Experiences
  • Understanding Children from Birth to Age Two
  • Understanding Two and Three Year Olds
  • Understanding Four and Five Year Olds
  • Middle Childhood
  • Observing Children: A Tool for Assessment
  • Involving Parents and Families
  • A Career for you in Child Care
  • The Curriculum
  • Guiding Art, Block Building, and Sensory Experiences
  • Guiding Storytelling Experiences
  • Guiding Play and Puppetry Experiences
  • Guiding Manuscript Writing
  • Guiding Math Experiences
  • Guiding Science Experiences
  • Guiding Social Studies Experiences
  • Developing Guidance Skills
  • Guidance Challenges
  • Establishing Classroom Limits
  • Handing Daily Routines
  • Guiding Music and Movement Experiences
  • Principles from the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct
  • Providing a Safe, Healthy Environment
  • Promoting Physical and Cognitive Development
  • Supporting Social and Emotional Development
  • Positive Relationships with Families and Communities
  • Effective Program Operation
  • Professionalism
  • Indoor Safety in the Early Childhood Setting
  • Indoor Safety in the Early Childhood: A Practical Application Workshop
  • Infants/Toddlers Safety in the Early Childhood Setting: A Practical Application Course
  • Outdoor Safety in the Early Childhood Setting
  • Outdoor Safety in the Early Childhood Setting- Practical Application Course
  • Transportation and Field Trip Safety
  • Transportation and Field Trip Safety: A Practical Application Workshop
  • Six Simple Ways to Assess Young Children: Reading Assignment
  • Observation and Assessment- Which Method Should I Use?
  • Using Checklists as an Observation and Assessment Tool
  • Using Parent Interviews as an Observation and Assessment Tool
  • Using Anecdotal Records as an Observation and Assessment Tool
  • Summary of Assessment
  • Child Abuse: Signs of Abuse and Reporting Requirements for Early Childhood Professionals
  • Recognizing the Signs and Behaviors that Indicate Child Abuse: A Practical Application Class
  • Health and Hygiene in the Early Childhood Setting
  • Health and Hygiene in the Early Childhood Setting: Practical Application Course
  • Recognizing Infections Diseases in the Early Childhood Setting
  • Basic Principles of Childcare
  • Exploring How Children Learn and Develop
  • Understanding Gender, Social Development, and the Value of Encouragement
  • Specific Issues in Childcare
  • Defining Quality Care
  • Books and Beyond: Language Development in Young Children
  • Books and Beyond: Language in the Infant/Toddler Classroom
  • Language Development in the Preschool Classroom: A Practical Application Course
  • Math Madness
  • Math Madness: A Practical Application Course
  • Sensational Science
  • Launching Learning Centers in Your Classroom
  • Liven Up Your Learning Centers
  • Parent Communication: Building Partners in the Educational Process
  • Parent Communication: A Practical Application Course
  • Family Involvement Overview
  • Planning Family Involvement Events
  • Nutrition 1: The USDA Food Program and Meal Planning
  • Nutrition 2: Nutrition and Food Service in the Childcare Setting
  • Cool Cooking
  • Creating a Multicultural Environment
  • Supporting Appropriate Choices: The Preschool Teacher and Classroom Discipline
  • Orientation to Child Care: Roles and Responsibilities for Teachers
  • Rainbows and Rembrandts: Enhancing Art in the Preschool Classroom
  • Exploring How Children Learn and Develop Reading Assignment
  • Planning an Early Childhood Environment that Promotes Creativity
  • Rainbows and Rembrandts: Including Fine Art in Young Children's Programs
  • Foundations in Learning: John Dewey's Approach
  • The Professional Portfolio: Fostering and Documenting Professional
  • Professionalism Applied: Creating an Autobiography
  • Growing as an Early Childhood Professional
  • Brain Development and Learning: What Every Early Care and Education Professional Should Know
  • Games and Group Activities for Children of All Ages
  • Developmental Delights: Birth to Six Months
  • Developmental Delights: Six to Twelve Months
  • Developmental Delights: Two Year Olds
  • Developmental Delights: Twelve to Twenty-Four Months
  • Developmental Delights: Three Year Olds
  • Developmental Delights: Four and Five Year Olds
  • Safety in the Infants/Toddlers Classroom

I also attend numerous hours of workshops and training each year on a variety of Early Childhood Education subjects. Additional training hours might not be listed. Can provided upon request.

I am a member of:

National Association of Family Childcare (NAFCC)
National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
Connecticut Association of Education of Young Children (CAEYC)
Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools (ERAFANS)
USDA Food Program Participant

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