Too often in this pressured world,today's children miss out on authentic childhood experiences.

We believe that hands-on,experiential learning is the best educational approach for children and we do this through a strong connection to nature and the outdoors,interest-lead learning,emergent curriculum,a play-based focus,inquiry-based teaching style and authentic play.When children's natural curiosity is encouraged,learning flows naturally.

Skills Children Learn through Play

Finding toys or learning materials to work with alone or with others

Specific Skills Learned:
Cognitive: Makes decisions about interests and abilities.
Self-help: Finds toys himself or sets up environment for play.
Social/language: Learns to share, better, manage conflict, and ask for help. 

Emotional: Learns about acceptance and rejection. Learns to express their own emotional needs. 

Block Play
Specific Skills Learned:
Physical: Learns to balance blocks and cause and effect, while developing their small motors coordination.
Cognitive: May count, blocks and see pattern and design. Learns to build and plan structure. Matches block that look- alike.
Social: Learns to share in cooperate.

Dramatic Play

Specific Skills Learned:
Cognitive: Decides appropriate dress and appearance for roles; Uses visual perceptions to assess self, others, and play environment. Learns and remembers behaviors to imitate. Develops abstract thinking abilities.

Social: Plays adult roles. Practices real life learning. Develops self image and coordinates with others.
Language: Learns to express self in another role.
Self-help: Dress self. Sets up play environment and finds props.

Setting the table and sitting down to eat
Specific Skills Learned:
Cognitive: Counts silverware, glasses, and napkins, or places one object by each setting. (one to one correspondence). Follows pattern of place settings. Measures to pour. Learns to listen and follow directions.
Social: Cooperates with other children. Mentors younger children by teaching them to help.
Social/Language: Learns appropriate table conversations and manners.
Physical: Picks up and places objects (small motor coordination), pours milk and water, passes, dishes.

Story time
Specific Skills Learned:
Cognitive: Listens and retains information. Pre-reading skills, word recognition, follows story line with eyes and ears.
Language: Learns words and speaking skills.
Music, finger plays and songs
Specific Skills Learned:
Cognitive: Learns rhythms, instruments, learns words, gestures and melody. Is able to learn to listen and follow directions. Learns by repetition and speech.
Physical: Coordination (small and large motor) for movement, gestures and finger plays.

Specific Skills Learned:
Cognitive/language: Listens to music and rhythms. Learns to understand simple movement directions and their relationship to music.
Physical: Coordination (large motor).

Specific Skills Learned:
Cognitive: May count the rungs when climbing, plans their climb. Maps out directions and distance to ride: watches for others in the path.
Social: learns to take turns and interacts with others
Physical: Large motor coordination and balance.

Sand Play
Specific Skills Learned:
Cognitive: Measures sand  and maps out play (spatial relationships).
Social: Learns to shares, interacts, and learns cooperation.
Physical: Pours, dumps, pushes, gathers, scoops, packs (small and large motor).

Putting Away Toys

Specific Skills Learned:
Cognitive: Sorts toys, listens and learns to follow simple directions.
Social: Takes turns, learns to handle toys carefully and with respect.
Physical: Places object on the shelf, replaces lids, opens and shuts doors (small and large motor coordination)


pdf 2014 - 2015 Gee Whiz Yearly Outline

pdf Gee Wiz Connecticut Curriculum Standards

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