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Commitment to Quality Child Care
I, Natasha Warner, as a child care professional, do promise to provide consistent loving care for your child when ever entrusted to my care; and to work with you as a parent to resolve any problems that may arise concerning your child.

Meet our Director, Natasha Warner

I Will:

  • Keep the inside and outside of my home/business neat and clean.
  • Maintain all equipment safe and in good condition.
  • Keep fire extinguisher and smoke detectors in place and fully operational.
  • Conduct monthly fire and emergency evacuation drills.
  • Remain current in First Aid and CPR Certification.
  • Provide supervision for children at all times.

I Will:

  • Encourage proper personal hygiene, (ex. washing hands prior to eating, after toileting, etc.)
  • Ensure that all children receive nutritious meals and snacks. (Daily menu will be posted)
  • Recognize symptoms of possible communicable illness and inform parents immediately.
  • Treat minor injuries as they occur and obtain proper medical treatment in case of emergencies.
  • Maintain adequate ventilation, lighting, and comfortable temperature at all times.
  • Empty waste receptacles and maintain a sanitary environment.
  • Clean and sanitize play areas, and equipment weekly.

Learning Environment
I Will:

  • Provide a positive, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
  • Show genuine affection for all children.
  • Provide a variety of materials and equipment.
  • Encourage creativity and imagination.
  • Provide structured and non structured activities for appropriate age level children.
  • Give quality “in home” child care rather than routine “institutionalized” care.

Physical & Intellectual Development
I Will:

  • Provide physical activity daily.
  • Involve children in projects such as setting the table, cooking, gardening and other home living experiences.
  • Share information freely with parents concerning the needs of children¬†

I Will:

  • Teach children proper manners in communication, i.e., listen quietly while others are talking and speaking in turn.
  • Encourage children to talk about their experiences.
  • Refrain from use of derogatory words and phrases, and require all children to do the same.
  • Use a variety of songs, stories, nursery rhymes, poetry, dance and games.
  • Talk often with individual children, listening closely so that I may understand what they wish to communicate, and help them learn it express themselves verbally.

I Will:

  • Supply children with play- doh, crayons, paper, glue, scissors, paint, and other art supplies.
  • Allow messy activities such as water and sand play, finger painting, markers, etc.
  • Not expect nor encourage all children’s work to be the same.
  • Participate with the children in role playing and other activities that inspire imagination.


Social Development
I Will:

  • Help the children to be happy and productive.
  • Teach the children about different cultures and customs.
  • Give one-on-one attention to each child.
  • Show enjoyment to all children in my care.
  • Help the children to be friendly and helpful to one another.
  • Teach the children courtesy, respect for others, and good manners.
  • Help the children learn to resolve differences with other children peacefully.
  • Encourage the children to take turns, share and clean-up after themselves.

I Will:

  • Display patience with children.
  • Avoid negative discipline such as spanking, shouting, threatening, isolating, or shaming.
  • Offer children opportunities to make choices when appropriate.
  • Recognize concerns about leaving child/children in a child care setting and help both parent and child overcome separation anxiety.


I Will:

  • Maintain current State of Connecticut Family Day Care City License.
  • Maintain current records on business transactions, health, daily attendance, and emergency information.
  • Prepare for daily activities in advance.
  • Provide a balance of quiet and active play.
  • Take time to discuss the strengths and needs of each child with his/her parents.
  • Allow parents to visit at any time during business hours (7am-5:00pm) to observe and make suggestions.

I Will:

  • Feel good about myself and demonstrate self confidence.
  • Use my ten years of child care experience to assist me in teaching children and providing for their needs.
  • Attend as many Early Childhood Development workshops, training seminars, and conferences as I possibly can.¬† These opportunities usually arise several times throughout the year and are sponsored by the State of Connecticut, Family Child Care Association in Windsor and other towns, and other organizations dedicated to child education and development. I will do this so that I may continue to learn about children, remain informed on all child care related issues and constantly strive to increase my professionalism.
  • Maintain current membership in varies Professional Child Care Association.
  • Maintain current membership in the National Association for Family Child Care.


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